Carry-on Baggage

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When you travel on Ronan Air, you can bring 1 standard bag and 1 personal article on board.

  • You can also bring your coat, small purse, special need or infant care item, including a small collapsible stroller.

  • Make sure to place any medications or other items that you might need on board in a smaller carry-on bag, so you can keep them with you during your flight.

  • Personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes should also be packed in your smaller carry-on bag, as they are not permitted in checked or gate-checked bags.

  • You may travel with liquids or gels in containers less than 100mL/100g (3.4oz) in your carry-on baggage. Anything exceeding the limit will be confiscated.

  • Any item larger than the allowed carry-on size or exceeding the one carry-on and one personal item limit will be checked to your destination. Baggage service charges may apply, and you will have to pick up these items at baggage claim.


Note: Due to limited overhead bin space, passengers traveling on aircrafts with 50 passenger seats such as the CRJ-200, are allowed one standard carry-on size bag that will be checked at the gate free of charge and one personal item to be taken on board. A second item is only permitted if both items can fit together in the personal item bag sizer located at the departure gate.

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