At Ronan Air, we believe being 50+ is something that should be valued.

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An increase in the senior population will directly translate into demand for intentional, positive, activities and experiences specifically designed for this age group. This tour is a natural fit for the senior niche, providing physical activity, new challenges, and socialization with peers. Therefore, via 50+ clubs we will be organizing tours that are well suited to individuals aged above 50 years.

We offer 50+ club members a wide variety of programs and services, including

Social and recreational activities

Social and recreational activities are an important aspect of our services. Golfing, bridge or poker.

Health, fitness, and wellness programs

The goal of senior wellness programs is to improve the overall health of seniors through enjoyable activities. These include thermal baths.

Meal and nutrition programs

All 50+ Club members will have the ability to choose from a wide array of meal plans on any RonanAir flight.

Information and assistance

Members will be provided all the information they require will also be provided with wheelchair friendly holiday packages.

Who is a 50+ Club member?

A 50+ club member is an individual aged 50 or above. We intimate that this individual has a liking for travel, new experiences, and for making new friends.

Why are activities good for the elderly?

Reading is a fantastic activity for older adults. Organizing a book club tours with their friends is another way for seniors to enjoy reading and socializing. Visit locations featured in books etc.

We can also organize tours (Where possible) of author meet 2 and greets etc. Furthermore, we expect that this age group will also have an appreciation for theatre / musical performances, operates etc.

What is the purpose of senior travel groups?

For single or widowed seniors, senior travel clubs offer opportunities to meet others within their age range that hold similar interests However, travel groups for seniors are much more than a way to meet people. They provide opportunities that cater to a wide range of interests from learning tours to adventure travel and volunteering opportunities.

What are the Travel Tours available for seniors? And What is the extent of Tour operator involvement in organizing tours?

Women Travelling Together - Is designed to meet the needs of women travelling solo. They arrange room sharing and keep the travel group small for a more personal, friendly feel. They offer a variety of destinations and have a travel expert along for every trip.

Single travel International Tours - The solo travelers come together as a group and travel to one of the many destinations they have to choose from. There are domestic and international trips.Cruises, adventures, tours and even long weekends.

What is the Benefit of Traveling as a group?

Travelling as a group offers a number of benefits. Groups can save money on transportation and hotel tours are great way to meet other seniors. Another benefit often overlook is the safety afforded when travelling as a group for instance tours require different levels of physical ability. Group tour guides will make the level of difficulty known to groups.

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