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With a rich legacy and a matching passion that focuses on exceptional service and unbeatable hospitality in the skies, RonanAir allows you to travel with a higher level of service, comfort and assurance. Making speedy connections to a dynamic route of European destinations, RonanAir is your best choice for travel in and out of Hungary.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to RonanAir, the airline that takes the best of Hungary to the world. 

It all started with a dream.
I take this opportunity to introduce you to RonanAir, the premier airline window to the world. The primary objective of the company is to be the most unique airline unlike all the rest of traditional airlines. RonanAir will be to the airline industry as boutique hotels are to the hotel industry introducing premium class comfort. RonanAir’s combination of exceptional service and hospitality is designed to keep you
flying out of Budapest into destinations in Europe and the world with ease and comfort – our inflight hospitality, our level of service and our unique promise of care will certainly help you make the best memories on RonanAir.

Hungary as a key Central European hub is your gateway to the rest of Europe – Fly out of Debrecen and Pecs which are domestic airports or Budapest, the international airport. In the second phase, we plan to operate flights to Middle East and Asia and followed by North America. RonanAir will create hundreds of direct and indirect employment and will create the best image of Hungary to the world. I wish to add, I am fortunate to serve as the Hon. Consul of Hungary in Sri Lanka for over two decades. The recognition and the encouragement extended by the Hungarian Government gave me every strength and the moral support in creating RonanAir kft. You have my personal pledge of incomparable service in the skies when you choose RonanAir for your next flight out of our network. Our team at RonanAir and our crew on board every RonanAir flight are at your service. Let us know what you think of us – and every time you travel with us, do not forget to share your memories with us on RonanAir.

Rohan Nanayakkara

Ronan Foundation

Empowering the community with our unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). RonanAir is committed to empowering the community through its Ronan Foundation, and supports ventures in Hungary that aim to improve the welfare of the Hungarian community. RonanAir also actively supports art and cultural pursuits of Hungary, taking outstanding Hungarian artistes to the world and showcasing their exceptional talents on the international stage. Over the course of the past few years, RonanAir has supported famous Hungarian musicians, cultural dancers and Hungarian gastronomic events, enthralling thousands of crowds in Asia.

Ronan Experience

Why RonanAir

When you choose RonanAir, you are making an exceptional choice. Let us tell you why. Whether you travel for business or on holiday, you prefer an airline that puts your needs first. One that assures you of a great flight, fabulous food and an on-board service that gives you the treatment you deserve. With RonanAir, you will find all this and more. RonanAir is your airline that is attentive and caring. We go that extra mile to make you feel great – whether a short hop or a quick transfer, you will find the same level of outstanding service with us all
the way. When it comes to keeping the children busy with engaging games or choosing the right holiday package
that combines with captivating journeys, on RonanAir flights, you will find in us the perfect travel

Welcome to making memories with RonanAir.

RonanAir Experience
#Memories with RonanAir
What makes a memory is something special. A level of caring that stands out in your memory as exceptional and reminds you of the finest experience you have had in flying. That’s how every RonanAir flight will be for you. And for us. Child friendly flights? Great hospitality on board? Enjoyable activities recommended around destinations? Great dining options in destinations? Tick them all. We’ve got them all together so that your travel experience with us becomes a memory you will always cherish.

The RonanAir experience is yours to savour as you choose from our wide choice of menus, destinations, holidays and getaways.
Book your next flight with RonanAir – And don’t forget to let us know how memorable your flight was!

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